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( All units owned by Pat Winston are completely renovated and upgraded. )

Tiki Pool | Deluxe 1 Bedroom
Absolutely Gorgeous Ala Wai Suite
Complete Room Listing

Blue Lagoon Suite # 304

European Suite # 402

Honeymoon Suite # 403

Standard Suite # 404

   Ala Wai Suite # 405   

This gorgeously renovated suite has had a $20,000 complete and total renovation, and is now available for your enjoyment !!

Our new Ala Wai Suite boasts this beautiful living room

A very proud Pat enjoying his latest masterpiece

Beautifully modeled kitchen. New cabinets and appliances throughout.

Kitchen and dining area featuring exquisite granite dining table

Lanai view looking towards mountains and Ala Wai Canal

Inventory List of Available Units

Deluxe One Bedroom Suites:
#304 Blue Lagoon Suite
#402 European Suite
#403 Honeymoon Suite
#404 Standard Suite
#405 Ala Wai Suite

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